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Grupa Nasienna
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Our mission

Grupa Nasienna is a consortium of three companies that include leading Polish brands of grass seed mixtures (mainly lawn and fodder) and agricultural plant seeds. The Group, established in 2018, includes Agronas based in Koło, Rolimpex based in Iława and Sowul & Sowul based in Biskupiec.

Through its activities, the Group wants to strengthen its market position in Poland and abroad and draw attention to important ecological issues and the role of Polish seeds in the development of the economy, especially the agricultural economy, in Poland.

Why was the Group established?

Together, we make sure that our voice is heard more effectively and that our market position, both in Poland and in the world, systematically becomes stronger and stronger. Thanks to this, we also want to educate and remind about the important role both growing agricultural grasses and taking care of the home lawn play.

Our goals

Creating a larger structure increases our capabilities. In every way. Not only business and economic, but also logistical and image-related.

  • Joint foreign expansion and strengthening of the position outside the country, primarily EU & UK markets.

  • Joint investment in research and technological development. This is the only way to stay competitive and make progress.

  • Adaptation to the European Green Deal strategy and the Fit for 55 document. The merger of companies will help reduce the carbon footprint and adapt to new EU requirements.

  • Continuous staff development and investing in employees. Combining teams means greater opportunities for joint training, exchange of experiences and career development within the Group structure

Our brands

Grupa Nasienna

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Agronas (company headquarters)

ul. Żeromskiego 83, 62-600 Koło, wielkopolskie
+48 63 272 04 03


ul. Lubawska 7, 14-200 Iława, warmińsko-mazurskie
+48 89 648 32 85
+48 600 404 919

Sowul & Sowul

ul. Przemysłowa 2, 11-300 Biskupiec, warmińsko-mazurskie
89 537 70 40

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